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About me

Dedicated sample hunter. I came across WhoSampled back in 2008 looking for a music sample database, and I've been hooked ever since.

Mostly into dance/electronic music (with big beat, ambient, downtempo, mashup, trip-hop, and plunderphonics in mind), though hip hop and alt-rock also occupy much of my library. Still, I'd say I'm open to most genres in general.
Also looking for audio for some missing tracks for sample submissions. Feel free to PM me any links, it'd be much appreciated:

• Ed Durlacher – "Modern Dynamic Physical Fitness Activities"
• Production Music Beds mm 123 – "Heavy Dramatic Track"
• The Orb – "Turn It Down" (Cydonia Demo V1)
• The Orb – "Ghostdancing" (Cydonia Demo V1)
• The Orb – "Promis" (Cydonia Demo V1)
• "Paul Revere's Ride" from the 1958 LP Great Adventures That Built America
• Brian Davies with Rodgers and Hammerstein II – "Younger Than Springtime"
• Hush – "Journey to Your Eyes"
• The Secret – "Darkest Techno Dream"

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