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Newcastle, UK

About me

Hey, I'm Drpepperfan. I used to be a mod, but I totally sucked balls at it, so now I' m not. Ah well.

My taste in music has changed a bit since I started on this site, so it feels like it's time for an update to this profile. I'm still of course a big fan of 60's/70's rock/pop, such as The Kinks, Stevie Wonder, The Who and of course, The Beatles (swoon) who i've been a fan of since forever. Abbey Road is the best album of course.

Over the years my opinion of rap music has changed quite a bit. What I once thought of as merely accetpable to listen to at best, is now competeing heavily with rock as my fav genre. My eternal fav's will always be The Beastie Boys, whoses album Paul's Boutique is quite frankly a masterpiece of sampling and alt-rap.

Other fav's include Kanye West and Ice Cube. I'm slowly listening to more and more rap as time goes by, hopefully sometime soon I'll have rap knowledge comparible to the other users here (although I very much doubt it.)

However my main love at the moment? Sample based hip hop / electronic music, ala Dj Shadow, The Avalanches, Kid Koala etc. Yeah I know it may seem pointless on a site like this to say "i like sample music" but still, my love of tunes made entirely out of samples has grown massive recently. I love 'em. Can't get enough of them. If you know any good recommendations for artists like this to listen to, gimme a PM man.

One day I plan on making some sound collage style music myself. One day....

Also Video Game music. I liek that too. yup.

Homestuck is totally the best thing ever. Azumanga is 2nd.

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