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DJ Anubis

Flanders, Belgium

About me

We need your help:

Adding every US #1 Hit & every UK #1 Hit on Whosampled...

Find a sample, remix or cover for any of the songs on the list, add it to the website and tag it accordingly. Good luck & thanks in advance!

I'm a musiclover that likes all kinds of music (how's that for a cliche). There is a time & place for every song, but on the other hand, don't think that I like every song I add... I just always felt that covers are the best way to discover other artists/genres (apart from movie soundtracks).

If I say I DO like a song, most of the time I'm referring to the music & melodies, I'm not really into lyrics & text for some reason. Things that ALWAYS get me in a song: stereo effects (I always listen with headphones), counting, handclaps, full stops, ... If you really want to know what I like (well, who doesn't!), have a look at my Last.fm profile.

Music most prominent in my personal musiclibrary/brain: Faithless, Muse, Kings Of Leon, Pop '60s-'00s, Rock '80s-'00s, House/Trance/Hardcore '90s.

Covers I absolutely love, but sadly shouldn't be added to this wonderful website:

- Newton Faulkner - Teardrop (Massive Attack)
- Billy Preston & Ray Charles - Agent Double-O-Soul (Edwin Starr)

The last one of Billy Preston keeps inspiring me every time and time again. As someone commented on youtube: "Why Paris Hilton is more famous than him is one of the mysteries of show business"... RIP all amazing artists we have to miss :(

Keep enjoying music!

PS: Common mistake: as much as I want to take credit for creating this site, let me sample Shaggy and say: "It wasn't me". You can thank Spinks & KidWho for that. Make sure you do, it only takes a second + it's the least you can do in return for the hours/days/weeks of discovery you had on here ;)

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