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Direct Sample of Hook / Riff

136 Votes
's Shook Ones Part II
The Infamous
Loud 1994
's Jessica
Fat Albert Rotunda
Warner Bros. 1969
Sample appears at 0:23 (and throughout)
Sample appears at 0:03


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Producer: David Rubinson

Tags: Instrumental, Piano

Main genre: Jazz / Blues

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Contributed by CellarDoor (1601 submissions)

  • cloud y
    cloud y said 2 months ago:

    best sample ever flipped

  • Buzz-Duh
    Buzz-Duh said 8 months ago:

    Jazzy Jeff definitely borrowed from the YouTube sample explanation video.

  • Zet----
    Zet---- said 11 months ago:


    unbelievable sample flip !!

  • Josh PDub Pilarski
    Josh PDub Pilarski said 1 year ago:

    here jazzy jeff mixing it live

  • Soob
    Soob said 1 year ago:

    It should be in top 3

  • enigmatic.lucifer
  • Excess43
    Excess43 said 2 years ago:


  • Stanisław
    Stanisław said 2 years ago:

    Remember, that you will credible, only if you create yt presentation.

  • Sil
    Sil said 2 years ago:

    I've seen Jazzy Jeff live, but I think he just played the youtube video that explains this sample. And nobody got it.

  • Atcq14
    Atcq14 said 2 years ago:

    Search for Jazzy Jeff at the Do Over, he mixes this live, incredible to see

  • andrexdj87
    andrexdj87 said 2 years ago:

    killer sample

  • Double B-2
    Double B-2 said 3 years ago:

    That's just the magic of 16 levels mode !

  • Double B-2
    Double B-2 said 3 years ago:

    Fuc*in' smart !

  • pimpin-pat
    pimpin-pat said 3 years ago:

    peace to bronco from the breaks for finding the sample

  • L-P
    L-P said 3 years ago:

    Hands down, best use and manipulation of a sample ever.

  • اظحر
    اظحر said 3 years ago:

    True, watched the YouTube vid explaining how it was done n feel a whole lot better now!

    LΛZER said 3 years ago:

    haha thats exactly the reason this sample was very hard to find, even if some people knew it.

    havoc just did a lil more than just pressing loop ;)

  • اظحر
    اظحر said 3 years ago:

    Don't wanna be the only one that say's so but I can't hear it at all!!!!!!

  • JayRobert
    JayRobert said 3 years ago:

    finally! the real sample.

  • MashUpMan
    MashUpMan said 4 years ago:

    That's pretty sick.

  • Mike D
    Mike D said 4 years ago:

    The mystery surrounding this sample definitely helped its allure.

  • acebeatgroup
    acebeatgroup said 4 years ago:

    this is amazing!

  • Buzz-Duh
    Buzz-Duh said 4 years ago:


  • lgee6271
    lgee6271 said 4 years ago:

    HA! Maybe for YOU....

  • Buzz-Duh
    Buzz-Duh said 4 years ago:

    This definitely deserves the #1 sample slot. It's an amazing beat and the sample flipping was so well concealed it took over a decade for it to be discovered!

  • Peetz
    Peetz said 4 years ago:

    Holy s***, that's magnificent! I've always been curious about the origins of this sample.

  • Sil
    Sil said 4 years ago:

    Ooh snap! I always believed I could really hear it in Thackery... I'm shook

  • lgee6271
    lgee6271 said 4 years ago:

    A whole load of people and me always knew it was this and kept mad quiet. We even mislead n****s with that Thackary joint. Remember Pete from Dusty Fingers? ANyway, don't be so proud of yall selves. Y'all the late girl to the party.

  • JAY Gumb$
    JAY Gumb$ said 4 years ago:

    Ooooh. There goes Thackery...

  • Buzz-Duh
    Buzz-Duh said 4 years ago:

    This is definitely the real sample! And everyone thought Havoc was full of it when he said everyone had the sample wrong (referring to "Thackery Meets Faculty")! I knew it was suspicious since you couldn't down pitch "Thackery" to match "Shook One Pt II" accurately.

  • JAY Gumb$
    JAY Gumb$ said 4 years ago:

    Why are people not discussing this? If this is the sample then Thackery Meets Faculty has to go.

  • FunkyJE
    FunkyJE said 4 years ago:


  • CellarDoor
    CellarDoor said 4 years ago:

    Pitched down piano -14 and -9 semitones.
    Look here for an explanation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R-QS4CTtltg&feature=player_embedded