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Direct Sample of Drums

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M|A|R|R|S's Pump Up the Volume
4AD 1987
Bobby Byrd's Hot Pants (Bonus Beats)
I Know You Got Soul
Urban 1987
Sample appears at 3:54
Sample appears at 0:09


  • kidwho
    kidwho said 4 years ago:

    we've actually just had some info in that the bonus beats version was actually released in '87 - this has now been updated!

  • l'espion dans le taxi
    l'espion dans le taxi said 4 years ago:

    Not sure it is coming from the Bonus tracks.
    In fact, it's not the entire beat that it is sampled (there's no groove, it's just binary - it is essentially the snare drum and the tambourine).
    I think that both are possible to sample in the first version.
    So it could have been sampled from the original "Hot Pants - I'm coming, etc.", in my opinion.

  • kidwho
    kidwho said 4 years ago:

    This seems correct - all I can think of as an explanation for this is that either MARRS somehow got their hands on the master tapes for Hot Pants, or the bonus beats were about before 1988. Perhaps this should be changed to a sample of the original version? Let us know what you think, guys!