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Interpolation (Replayed Sample) of Hook / Riff

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's Café Del Mar (DJ Kid Paul Mix)
Eye Q 1993
's Struggle for Pleasure
Struggle for Pleasure
Les Disques Du Crépuscule 1983
Sample appears at 0:15 (and throughout)
Sample appears at 0:54


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Contributed by Peetz (186 submissions)

  • SmuttySy
    SmuttySy said 5 years ago:

    It's definitely there, listen closely to the section between 0:54 and 1:00 and then loop it and it's basically all there. The submitted version of the Energy 52 doesn't really show this clearly enough, whereas the original version does.

  • Peetz
    Peetz said 5 years ago:

    Yes it is. It's hard to hear if you don't have an ear for it but it's definitely there. You can read about how it came to be in this article: http://www.tursa.franken.de/CosmicBaby_discog.html#CafedelMar

  • L-P
    L-P said 5 years ago:

    This is not sampled or replayed in this track. There is a trance track that uses the melody and chord structure of struggle for pleasure by the minimalistix.