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Direct Sample of Drums

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Girl Talk's What's It All About
Feed the Animals
Illegal Art 2008
Rihanna's Umbrella
Good Girl Gone Bad
Def Jam 2007
Sample appears at 3:33
Sample appears at 0:00


  • l'espion dans le taxi
    l'espion dans le taxi said 3 years ago:

    It's very not complicate to find this drum loop in garage band (no need to dig up anything).
    I was talking for this sample (you all seems to be right in your justifications) but also for others that are listed here and use this drum loop.

    Dan Black's Symphonies is an interesting case. The song is a cover of HYPNTZ.
    In HYPNTZ, we hear Jay-Z on the beat (ok Rihanna sampled) but in Symphonies, no doubt, it is the Garage Band loop (entire beat, sample cleaned by using the original).
    Would have mean that GT could have done the same.

    For Charles Hamilton, don't really know for the drum loop but the vocals interpolation seems more accurate (problem of the tracks that have samples + interpolation of the same song?)

  • JAY Gumb$
    JAY Gumb$ said 3 years ago:

    Not a fan of Girl Talk but it seem a bit logical that GT isn't gonna go digging up in Garage Band for a drum loop. Or in a case like this it is more than likely that GT sampled an artist that used the drum loop. From what I understand these tracks are just samples of other people's music.

  • stationary unit
    stationary unit said 3 years ago:

    Exactly what no★durians said. Girl Talk even listed this sample down in an interview where he deconstructed the samples from this track.

    This was once removed at one point, but I had the admins put it back up.

  • no★durians
    no★durians said 3 years ago:

    Girl Talk actually listed out all the artists and tracks he sampled on "Feed the Animals" in the album's linear notes and Rihanna's "Umbrella" is mentioned.

  • l'espion dans le taxi
    l'espion dans le taxi said 3 years ago:

    Is this a real sample?
    It's a common loop on Garage Band.
    None of the tunes that uses that loop that were submitted here have sampled Rihanna.
    They only use a free loop, available for everyone.

    Reported, but no one answered..