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Direct Sample of Multiple Elements

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's It Takes Two
It Takes Two
Profile 1988
's Think (About It)
Think (About It)
People 1972
Sample appears at 0:14 (and throughout)
Sample appears at 1:25


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Contributed by bevwooding (34 submissions)

  • Thexperimentalist
    Thexperimentalist said 5 months ago:

    It's official. "Think (About It)" is now the third (3rd) song in WhoSampled to be sampled over 1000 times! A pretty big breakthrough for Lyn Collins (R.I.P.) and as specially James Brown.

  • Samples Chile
    Samples Chile said 3 years ago:

    Great Sample

  • Debco7
    Debco7 said 3 years ago:

    I Don't Understand. What do y'all mean by an "Original Sample"?

  • Xanadu
    Xanadu said 3 years ago:

    @thunder axe: Maybe not the "original" sample (it's been sampled before, see the chain) but the best known/most liked one.

  • thunder axe
    thunder axe said 3 years ago:

    so... is this the original "yeah/woo!" sample, or is there another reason why this is in the top 5?

  • Debco7
    Debco7 said 4 years ago:

    Rob Base & DJ EZ-Rock did an excellent job in sampling "Think (About It)". Even though Lyn Collins is NOT listed as a "Featured artist" on the release, it is obvious that she re-recorded her vocals on the sampled track and , therefore, contributed uncredited vocals on the Rob Base DJ EZ-Rock track. Just listen to both tracks at the times listed above and you'll know what i am talking about.

  • DJ Anubis
    DJ Anubis said 4 years ago:

    I had it blazing out my speakers yesterday, and it had me thinking why I never hear that on the radio, gets me moving every time, what a groove

  • across_da_tracks
    across_da_tracks said 4 years ago:

    THINK!!!! classic joint!!! spawned so many classic hip hop songs!!!

  • afonso_mab
    afonso_mab said 6 years ago:

    the guy at his right looks like a dope def! excelent use of the sample,yes! addictive!

  • 19761976
    19761976 said 6 years ago:

    This was simply meant to be. Lyn Collins, you go woman. Great job with DJ Ez-Rock for cracking up that beat. My ears are going to blow up.