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Direct Sample of Multiple Elements

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Portishead's Glory Box
Go! Discs 1994
Isaac Hayes's Ike's Rap II
Black Moses
Enterprise 1971
Sample appears at 0:00 (and throughout)
Sample appears at 0:36


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Producers: Adrian Utley, Portishead

Tags: Trip-Hop

Main genre: Electronic / Dance

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Producer: Isaac Hayes

Main genre: Soul / Funk / Disco

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Contributed by Spinks (409 submissions)

  • Francis Davis
    Francis Davis said 10 months ago:

    I made a mix with these 3 songs: Ike's Rap II + Glory Box + Hell is Around the Corner):


  • Wajimacallit
    Wajimacallit said 2 years ago:

    ...and all the guitar on Glory Box is Adrian Utley's.

  • Wajimacallit
    Wajimacallit said 2 years ago:

    Well, Shoob is mostly right. The bassline is a common descending line that appears on a ton of songs. The Portishead bassline is straight from the Isaac Hayes tune. The sample isn't a straight loop though as you can hear one extra bit in the string melody before it loops round. They've chopped a couple of bits together so that the bassline still works and the strings aren't too odd. As for the talking on the Isaac Hayes tune: much of it pans over to one channel, so taking a mono sample from the opposite would get you get you an almost clean loop you could tidy with a tiny bit of filtering. There was no 12" of Ike's Rap II though, it was made before the advent of 12" singles.

  • Shoob
    Shoob said 2 years ago:

    Unless Isaac said that's where he to the melody from. I can't agree he sampled them.

  • Shoob
    Shoob said 2 years ago:

    Interesting conversation here.. I'm just trying to figure out HOW are you getting that Isaac Hayes sampled anything? lol It's a descending line/melody. People did that and still do it. That's music. So no he didn't sample Wallace Collection. They're two different songs all together.. The only thing that's the same is the descending line/melody. So many bands have done this before them. I'm not even sure why someone would relate this song to Wallace because if Isaac wanted to do there song. Trust and believe he didn't have any shame in covering it. lol. Most of this album is a cover. But like I said. I believe it's just a descending line thing.

    Portishead and Tricky sampled Isaac hayes (Ike's Rap) around the same time. Neither knew that the other would use the same sample. Both are samples in the songs. They've added things on top of them but the bases of the song is the sample. Portishead added more guitars and things.. Tricky added strange sounds... The sample wasn't recreated by portishead or Tricky. The original sample came from a 12 in single that had a instrumental on the other side. Like most songs did back them. This is the reason it's so clean.

    Balderdash81.. I think what you're hearing is the descending line/melody once again in the Tim Buckley song. Portishead didn't sample them AT ALL on the first CD or any CD as far as I know.

  • seizectrl
    seizectrl said 3 years ago:

    Balderdash and King Rizlaa have it right. Since Daydream was recorded in 68 and Rap II in 71, it's chronologically correct that Ike got it from Wallace Collection, then decades later, Portishead, Tricky and I Monster sample it again.

  • Balderdash81
    Balderdash81 said 3 years ago:

    @Spinks True i don't think its a direct sample, although one thing Portishead was famous for was to take a "sample" then play it themselves with there own instruments, then record it back to record... I wouldn't doubt Adrian Utley to have taken the acoustic guitar part and then played it with electric. The only thing that got me on to this was Drapht - Down which heavily samples the Tim Buckley track. So i just needed confirmation first before i submitted something over on the Drapht page.

  • Spinks
    Spinks said 3 years ago:

    @Balderdash interesting thought, but I've just listened to the Tim Buckley track and can't hear anything that Portishead sampled from it. Portishead's Adrian Utley plays guitars on their tracks.

  • Balderdash
    Balderdash said 3 years ago:

    I don't know if anybody cares, but it has been killing me the past week because of a song being played on the radio here. If anybody wants to listen to Drapht - Down which contains a sample of Tim Buckleys - Pleasant Street, now pleasant street was sampled by Wallace collection in daydream, Isaac Hayes sampled Daydream, and Portishead sampled Ikes rap II. The reason for the rant is that Ikes Rap II doesn't really have the strong Guitar work that is apparent within glory box. So maybe they sampled Tim Buckley's Pleasant Street too? Noe the reason I bring up Drapht - Down is because that song got me onto it all, even this website!

  • buzzered
    buzzered said 4 years ago:

    They must've chopped it up becuase the violin is a combination of the two different melodies.

  • taylor_from_school
    taylor_from_school said 4 years ago:

    I agree with Spinks, it is a sample from the Isaac Hayes tune... The thing that baffles me though is how they managed to get the full loop?... when you listen to Isaac Hayes at 0:36, he 'raps' "I took advantage of you" half way through the loop.... was their an instrumental version of this song that they managed to get their hands on or have they spliced together the loop from two different reference points?

  • gerard.krooshof
    gerard.krooshof said 5 years ago:

    I agree with King Rizlaa that Portishead Glory Box has Wallace Collection Daydream baseline

  • didi971
    didi971 said 5 years ago:

    Yep. I'm loving that sound. :-) Shout out to Isaac Hayes !

  • Spinks
    Spinks said 5 years ago:

    Yes, it's one of my all-time favourites. I personally prefer Tricky's use of the same sample from the same year, in "Hell is Round the Corner" - it just has a darker, grittier edge, but both are amazing.

  • didi971
    didi971 said 5 years ago:

    Wow ! Awesome sample !

  • Spinks
    Spinks said 5 years ago:

    Don't think so - it sounds like they just sampled the whole of Isaac Hayes's tune, including the bassline. But yeah, it does sound somewhat similar to the bassline on "Daydream" too.

  • KingRizlaa
    KingRizlaa said 5 years ago:

    Does the Portishead track not use the bassline of the Wallace Collections 'Daydream'??