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Lil Wayne's Let the Beat Build
Tha Carter III
Cash Money 2008
Eddie Kendricks's Day by Day
People... Hold On
Tamla 1972
Sample appears at 0:03 (and throughout)
Sample appears at 0:07


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Producers: Kanye West, Deezle

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Main genre: Hip-Hop / R&B

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Producers: Frank Wilson, Leonard Caston

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Main genre: Soul / Funk / Disco

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Contributed by badams_304 (5 submissions)

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  • Powermaker80
    Powermaker80 said 1 year ago:

    I had no idea kanye produced

  • duhaprilfool
    duhaprilfool said 2 years ago:

    idk y, bt that loop just makes me happy and smile yo. its just a great voice and instrumentation, even if its just a loop, i think its great, not much and takes a while to get to da drums and stuff, bt i like it alot

  • itsronwilson
    itsronwilson said 2 years ago:

    @theking Kanye didn't produce this by himself don't forget Deezle.

  • antoine.becuwe
    antoine.becuwe said 2 years ago:

    ... And all his first albums except 500 Degreez & Tha Carter I, i'm talking about that Tha Block Is Hot or Lights Out, all tracks produced by Mannie Fresh, when Cash Money was still good you know that Hot Boys era, Juvenile 400 Degreez, B.G. Chopper In The City, and Weezy, and Mannie on the beat, when the south was still respectable...

  • The Big Dub
    The Big Dub said 2 years ago:

    yeah carter 2 is a pretty decent album

  • antoine.becuwe
    antoine.becuwe said 2 years ago:

    Lil Wayne did good songs you know ! But unfortunately he decided to give us more bulls***... for his young young fans...

  • eott
    eott said 2 years ago:

    I like how the beat doesn't build, or change at all. Maybe it was meant "ironically".
    Also, this is the first lil wayne I've heard, and I cannot believe how awful it is, he completely ruined one of Eddie Kendricks' best tracks. I don't know how people can listen to this crap.

  • antoine.becuwe
    antoine.becuwe said 3 years ago:

    I managed to listen the first 40 seconds ! i beat you Xanadu lol.

  • Xanadu
    Xanadu said 3 years ago:

    After 20 seconds I am already bored, LOL.

  • pano
    pano said 3 years ago:

    and IMHO it becomes a very annoying loop after some timeā€¦

  • The Big Dub
    The Big Dub said 3 years ago:

    um how is this so great? i mean its creative to pick that bit but its just a loop

  • young_mercy
    young_mercy said 3 years ago:

    now dats a dope sample

  • theking
    theking said 4 years ago:

    Kanye is a genius.