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Direct Sample of Multiple Elements

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MC Hammer's U Can't Touch This
Please Hammer Don't Hurt 'Em
Capitol 1990
Rick James's Super Freak
Street Songs
Motown 1981
Sample appears at 0:14 (and throughout)
Sample appears at 0:01


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Master Po

Contributed by Master Po (91 submissions)

  • SaBu_GugolRep
    SaBu_GugolRep said 1 month ago:

    Falco "Der Kommissar" @ 1:06 > https://youtu.be/_w4Xulsjo5I

  • Deniz Türkyılmaz
    Deniz Türkyılmaz said 3 months ago:


  • Xanadu
    Xanadu said 4 years ago:

    @JF Hayeur: How about Sugarhill Gang's Rapper's Delight and Chic's Good Times?

  • kitkitman
    kitkitman said 5 years ago:

    The best fusion of hip hop & funk

  • Samples Chile
    Samples Chile said 5 years ago:

    the best sample MC HAMMER u cant touch this with sample RICK JAMES super freak two greatest song the very best

  • 19761976
    19761976 said 6 years ago:

    This has to be the most famous sample of all. Ok ok, Funky drummer's probably it but who doesn't know U CANT TOUCH THIS ? And who doesn't know SUPERFREAK ? She's supafreakkay !! Yeah, exactly, everybody knows both. This is the winner.