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Direct Sample of Vocals / Lyrics

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's Dare
Demon Days
Virgin 2005
's Revolution 909
Virgin 1997
Sample appears at 4:07
Sample appears at 0:01


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Producers: Gorillaz, Danger Mouse

Tags: Single, UK, UK #1 Hit

Main genre: Rock / Pop

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Contributed by nashquik (6 submissions)

  • Vinyl DJScratching
    Vinyl DJScratching said 3 months ago:

    Unfortently, This is not right. the people sound effect is actually a very common used sound effect in shows, also if you listen carefully to the start of the part that people are saying is sampled from DP's song, you will hear that there is more of an intro of the people talking. so yeah this is not real.

  • Orr971
    Orr971 said 2 years ago:

    F***ing crazy.
    stationary unit, it was my idenificator too!

  • Hessel
    Hessel said 2 years ago:

    This is f***ing crazy!

  • stationary unit
    stationary unit said 2 years ago:

    It's definitely taken from "Revolution 909". Listen closely, and you'll hear a guy saying "Down there to the right!" in both songs.

  • Screw you DPF
    Screw you DPF said 2 years ago:

    Are you sure it's the same? I mean, city-noises sound similar and may just not be a sample.

  • The Big Dub
    The Big Dub said 3 years ago:

    OH! its the talking holy s*** nashquick you are crazy if you found this on your own!

  • The Big Dub
    The Big Dub said 3 years ago:

    are you sure? i think that might just be a similar bass line i dont think its identical

  • Physical Stamina
    Physical Stamina said 4 years ago:

    Wooow. Pretty sneaky.

  • Rabenmutter
    Rabenmutter said 5 years ago:

    Good spot.

  • halex
    halex said 5 years ago:


  • MusicIsTheDanger909
    MusicIsTheDanger909 said 5 years ago:

    clever sampling from the gorillaz!

  • nashquik
    nashquik said 5 years ago:

    You need a very good ear to hear it!
    Is an ambient-talk sample. Very strange sampling.