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Direct Sample of Multiple Elements

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's 99 Problems
The Black Album
Roc-A-Fella 2003
's Get Me Back on Time, Engine #9
In Philadelphia
Atlantic 1970
Sample appears at 0:06 (and throughout)
Sample appears at 5:14


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Contributed by MetalGearMC (343 submissions)

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  • Thexperimentalist
    Thexperimentalist said 3 months ago:

    I think that's actually where the entire sample starts. It has the guitar screech, the open drum break w/ cowbells AND the scream at the end.

    Great catch!

  • ThomasWhatever
    ThomasWhatever said 3 months ago:

    You can hear one more sample which has been used at 0:06 and throughout the track.
    It's the guitar sound at 5:14.

  • Direclown
    Direclown said 3 years ago:

    Needs more cowbell. (I couldn't resist!)

  • anthole
    anthole said 4 years ago:

    good ol rick rubin

  • DJ Anubis
    DJ Anubis said 4 years ago:

    nice, fixed the timing, reported it to be changed to "whole track". Nice one Stationary & MetalGear ;)

  • stationary unit
    stationary unit said 4 years ago:

    That isn't all from he sampled from this track, that "Now!" vocal sample at 0:11 on "99 Problems" is also taken from "Get Me Back on Time, #9", at 4:25.

  • DJ Anubis
    DJ Anubis said 4 years ago:

    Wow, talk about layering, I believe this is about that cowbell sound in the background? Impressive find + this means Jay-Z has like 3 layers of drum samples at the same time :)