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Interpolation (Replayed Sample) of Hook / Riff

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's Love of My Life
Arista 1999
's III. Poco Allegretto
Symphony No.3 in F Major, Op.90
. 1883
Sample appears at 0:04 (and throughout)
Sample appears at 0:06


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Producers: Stephen Harris, Carlos Santana

Main genre: Rock / Pop

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Tags: Romanticism

Main genre: Classical

  • TheSublimeSupine
    TheSublimeSupine said 4 years ago:

    @trotfec - What part is it that confuses you ? Is it the identical melody ? The identical harmonic progression ? Or both ?

  • sverrir90
    sverrir90 said 4 years ago:


  • trotfec
    trotfec said 4 years ago:

    i dont really hear it