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Direct Sample of Hook / Riff

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's Get By
Rawkus 2002
's Sinnerman
Pastel Blues
Philips 1965
Sample appears at 0:01 and 0:11 (and throughout)
Sample appears at 4:55, 5:18 and 8:33


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Producer: Kanye West

Tags: US #77 Hit

Main genre: Hip-Hop / R&B

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Producer: Hal Mooney

Tags: Over 10 Minutes

Main genre: Jazz / Blues

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  • Sleeeeepy
    Sleeeeepy said 3 years ago:

    This is an amazing sample. I was listening to Nina Simone, and then was chilling out enjoying Sinnerman and recognized the sample. I couldn't believe it. Especially then when I heard the part where she's scatting and the way Kanye used that as the intro and how perfect it is... Damn! Great beat and a great sample.

  • Shadowboy
    Shadowboy said 3 years ago:

    The main piano sample actually appears at 5:13

  • rossc95
    rossc95 said 4 years ago:

    Thanks a lot!

  • laurensclaas
    laurensclaas said 4 years ago:

    Its from the same song (Nina Simone - Sinner man). Play it at 8:34.

  • rossc95
    rossc95 said 4 years ago:

    Anyone know where the vocal at the beginning is from?

  • musicalta
    musicalta said 6 years ago:

    wow Kanye did his thing with this sample this is one of my fav Talib songs

  • sixtoperalta
    sixtoperalta said 6 years ago:

    there's also a version of the track that features kanye west, mos def, jay z and busta rhymes

  • Santos Barakos
    Santos Barakos said 6 years ago:

    Very cool!
    I listen to both songs often and missed it... nice one.