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Snoop Dogg's Ain't No Fun (If the Homies Can't Have None)
Death Row 1993
Lyn Collins's Think (About It)
Think (About It)
People 1972
Sample appears at 4:02
Sample appears at 0:34


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Producer: Dr. Dre

Tags: G-Funk

Main genre: Hip-Hop / R&B

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Joe Jo Kool

Contributed by Joe Jo Kool (106 submissions)

    AMAZINACE said 1 year ago:

    Snoop Said he Used the Horns Too ..Sheeeesh

  • DJ Anubis
    DJ Anubis said 2 years ago:

    Hey George, WhoSampled relies on its users. So since you found the sample, I think it's fair you get the credit for it. Have a look at "submit an entry" in the toprighthandcorner. It'll take some time to get approved though, as we currently have a pretty big queue. (Ow, you mentioned the app, I think you need to use a computer to be able to submit, I couldnt find it on the app).

  • George Ray
    George Ray said 2 years ago:

    OMG you are soooo right about the sample at 1:24 Does Rob Base's "It Takes Two" sound familiar? LOL

  • George Ray
    George Ray said 2 years ago:

    I don't think anyone updated the fact that Tara Kemp used this sample. I went to that song and there is no mention of it. So whoever is the moderator of this site I guess can safely put on Hold You Tight that this sample is used. Thanks Again for all that confirmed my hunch !

  • Joe Jo Kool
    Joe Jo Kool said 2 years ago:

    Double confirmed! That's definitely Lyn Collins being sampled in Tara Kemp's "Hold You Tight" is it already submitted??. . The sampled at 0:34 is hella used, but I think it's fair to say the most famous sample is at 1:24

  • George Ray
    George Ray said 2 years ago:

    Hey thanks for the confirmation. I read your profile and I too like all kinds of music. I love this app I found a lotof interesting things about the songs I like. Thanks again!

  • DJ Anubis
    DJ Anubis said 2 years ago:

    I could agree to that. In Snoop Dogg you can hear it's "soooo". For Tara Kemp it's cut a bit further and just sounds like "oooo", but I think it's a match. Nice one :)

  • George Ray
    George Ray said 2 years ago:

    I was listening to Hold You Tight by Tara Kemp and she also seems to use this same sample the one that is heard at 0:34. If not it does sound very similar. Wonder if anyone can confirm if I am right?

  • DJ Anubis
    DJ Anubis said 5 years ago:

    Impressive find man!