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's Blood in Blood Out
Visions of Gandhi
Babygrande 2003
's Nash Sosed
Ансамбль «Дружба» И Эдита Пьеха
Melodia 1967
Sample appears at 0:33 (and throughout)
Sample appears at 0:53


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Tags: Soviet, Russian, Slavic

Main genre: Country / Folk

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Contributed by Peetz (186 submissions)

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  • Icsu
    Icsu said 5 years ago:

    Stoupe actually sampled the part at 0:47 not the first loop. Listen closely to JMT's beat and you'll hear no piano. Nice find anyway.. props.

  • Spinks
    Spinks said 5 years ago:

    Nice find mahbhn, I've now replaced the video with the one you suggested. This is one of the craziest, and one of my favourite samples ever. Did you notice that Edita Piekha's version is a cover of a Polish song by Irena Santor? Crazy! :)

  • mahbhn
    mahbhn said 5 years ago:

    The real raw type s*** is actually THAT ONE :
    Check it out!

  • JewisHammer
    JewisHammer said 5 years ago:


  • gambitt
    gambitt said 5 years ago:

    This is such a great example of why I trace back samples in the first place. The original songs are so interesting and this one is fantastic on its own. I also love how the background dancers in the video look like the little animated men in the early versions of Tetris on the PC.

  • spcp3000
    spcp3000 said 5 years ago:

    the intro is Tolis Voskopoulos – "Ke si tha figis. hopefully one of you guys are a little more youtube savy than i am and can make a video and post it.enjoy!

  • spcp3000
    spcp3000 said 5 years ago:

    the beginning is a Greek artist, here's a link to the sample. I'll post a video when i figure out how.O ya and Stoupe is a fukin' beast!


  • Icsu
    Icsu said 5 years ago:

    anyone knows the song sampled at the begining ? the one with the guitar and the lady singing. it sounds like cesaria evora to me.

  • shadeprint
    shadeprint said 5 years ago:

    Can't believe this is the song he sampled. F**king amazing.

  • Peetz
    Peetz said 5 years ago:

    Yeah I love this one. I'm forever fascinated by how a producer who calls himself Stoupe The Enemy Of Mankind gets the idea to sample a song like this. Pretty creative imo

  • Spinks
    Spinks said 6 years ago:

    Crazy sample, very nice!