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Direct Sample of Hook / Riff

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Moby's Porcelain
Mute 1999
Ernest Gold's Fight for Survival
Exodus OST
RCA Victor 1961
Sample appears at 0:00
Sample appears at 0:38


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Producer: Moby

Tags: Backmasking, Whosampled #1, Single [Add]

Main genre: Electronic / Dance

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Tags: Film Score [Add]

Main genre: Soundtrack

  • Chinny Reckon
    Chinny Reckon said 1 week ago:

    Northern Soul-

    Bit of a late response, but if you're reading, the Pilar Basso vocals appear to be specifically for the song, in other words, they are not sampled from anywhere.

  • Matt da best
    Matt da best said 1 week ago:


  • Fabio Fiandra
    Fabio Fiandra said 5 months ago:


  • TNT
    TNT said 1 year ago:

    Wow this sample is amazing

  • NorthernSoul
    NorthernSoul said 2 years ago:

    The "hey, woman" sample apparently comes vocalist Pilar Basso - that's as much info as I can find

  • bretil
    bretil said 2 years ago:

    Absolutely amazing find really, but sadly after all these years still no one hasn't found where did Moby sample the lyrics "Hey, hey, hey, woman, it's alright"... I've been looking for this more than 6 years and I haven't found it yet...

  • groova
    groova said 3 years ago:

    Impressive! How did you find THAT??

  • Samu
    Samu said 3 years ago:


  • jOsSse
    jOsSse said 3 years ago:


  • KingRizlaa
    KingRizlaa said 4 years ago:

    Quality find.

  • stationary unit
    stationary unit said 4 years ago:

    You'll have to reverse the Ernest Gold track to hear the sample Moby used, and when you do, you'll get an exact match. I love how Moby flipped this.