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's Return to Innocence
The Cross of Changes
Virgin 1994
's Chant D'Hommage Aux Ancêtres
Polyphonies Vocales Des Aborigènes De Taïwan
Ministère De L'éducation Nationale 1989
Sample appears at 0:26
Sample appears at 0:16


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Main genre: World

  • unclehomunculus
    unclehomunculus said 6 months ago:

    Isn't that Imogen Heap?

  • TNG
    TNG said 4 years ago:

    Great, great find. Adding my like to this. Props!

  • DJ Anubis
    DJ Anubis said 5 years ago:

    damn and here I was thinking Enigma was an original artist, thanks Stationary... although it sounds like some parts are resung in stead of sampled to me... dunno?