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Direct Sample of Hook / Riff

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Drake's Started From the Bottom
Nothing Was the Same
OVO 2013
Bruno Sanfilippo's Ambessence Piano & Drones 1
Ambessence Piano & Drones
AD21 2008
Sample appears at 0:00 (and throughout)
Sample appears at 1:00, 0:45, 0:47 and 0:55


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Producers: Mike Zombie, Noah "40" Shebib

Tags: US #6 Hit

Main genre: Hip-Hop / R&B

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Tags: Ambient, Piano

Main genre: Classical

  • JayRobert
    JayRobert said 1 week ago:

    Lol you're wrong, it's in the album credits I checked

  • Orr971
    Orr971 said 2 weeks ago:

    @TheExperimentalist yea it's a sick and unique slicing. If anyone else use this sample it would be copying.

  • Thexperimentalist
    Thexperimentalist said 2 weeks ago:

    LOL, no @JayRobert. They didn't credited the sample because they were afraid that someone else would take it and make a sicker beat out of it (which they later realized isn't happening).

  • JayRobert
    JayRobert said 2 weeks ago:

    Was this in the credits?

  • NoFAME
    NoFAME said 2 weeks ago:

    best sample slicing Ive heard Period!!!!

  • Ju
    Ju said 6 months ago:


  • Totodile
    Totodile said 1 year ago:

    That's... Actually pretty impressive...

  • Orr971
    Orr971 said 1 year ago:

    Okay now that is one of the best and most complicated sample chopping I've ever seen.
    Reminds me of when I discovered the Alchemist's "Surgical Gloves" chop...

  • The Un-Swaggiest
    The Un-Swaggiest said 1 year ago:


  • Jimmy Javier
    Jimmy Javier said 1 year ago:

    WOW. Ill flip. Really nice chop.

  • Shadowboy
    Shadowboy said 1 year ago:

    I keep coming back to this. So clever.

  • MasterJ24
    MasterJ24 said 1 year ago:

    I really didn't know that SFTB had a sample!! Great usage!!!

  • BenJamin Banger
    BenJamin Banger said 1 year ago:

    This has gotta be one of the best sample flips ever

  • borisxboris
    borisxboris said 1 year ago:

    Didn't even know it's a sample. One of the best flips I've heard in a long time.

  • Shadowboy
    Shadowboy said 1 year ago:

    Best sample flip I've heard in a long time.

  • MerkedOutBeatz
    MerkedOutBeatz said 1 year ago:

    Absolutely amazing! I knew it was a sample, but this was done really well. Props to Zombie for the flip, didn't find it until I saw the liner notes.

  • jsquared
    jsquared said 1 year ago:

    This flip is totally bananas.....the sleeve notes win again, nobody had a clue until this week at all - total cap dough to Mike Zombie....

  • Nizzereo
    Nizzereo said 1 year ago:

    this flip is crazy