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Kanye West's Bound 2
Def Jam 2013
Ponderosa Twins Plus One's Bound
2+2+1 = Ponderosa Twins Plus One
Astroscope 1971
Sample appears at 0:36 (and throughout)
Sample appears at 0:55


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Producer: Bobby Massey

Tags: 45 RPM

Main genre: Soul / Funk / Disco

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  • Buzz-Duh
    Buzz-Duh said 1 month ago:

    I can understand if people enjoy the original source material, but this sample is not "flipped" and is just a simple copy and paste job that is poorly looped and doesn't flow at all with the "Aeroplane" interpolation. I know you can go with the "minimalism" argument and that makes it "genius", but, then again, you could use that argument on anything. I know this is all opinion, but I just can't fathom why so many find this so incredible.

  • jbcedeno95
    jbcedeno95 said 3 months ago:

    I don;t think this should be tagged as Part 2

  • Izeytope96
    Izeytope96 said 8 months ago:

    @Kyle: Kanye doesn't make beats anymore. You can credit No ID and Che Pope for the sample and Mike Dean for the chorus instrumentation.

  • Kyle Peake
    Kyle Peake said 8 months ago:

    He flipped this sample well. Great one 'Ye.

  • Amos Alincy Jr.
    Amos Alincy Jr. said 10 months ago:

    Nice, good creativity.

  • tre' beezy
    tre' beezy said 1 year ago:

    the sample starts at 0:55 wtf 1:02 is like in the middle of the sample

  • Tim So Swavy
    Tim So Swavy said 1 year ago:

    why is he suing again ?

  • JAY Gumb$
    JAY Gumb$ said 1 year ago:

    Spicer doesn't have any rights to the song which is why he's suing for the use of his voice. I hope they throw that s*** out.

  • JAY Gumb$
    JAY Gumb$ said 1 year ago:

    Kanye probably cleared it. Spicer isn't credited as a writer (Bobby Massey and Robert Dukes) so he probably wasn't contacted.

  • stationary unit
    stationary unit said 1 year ago:

    I don't get it, this sample is fully credited with songwriters and all on the back cover of Yeezus.

  • Drpepperfan
    Drpepperfan said 1 year ago:

    Sounds kinda like bullshit. Can't really imagine the main sample from one of the lead singles from a album released by one of the biggest names in the world in 2013 wouldn't bother to get permission.

  • MasterJ24
    MasterJ24 said 1 year ago:

    @ringmancz I just can't believe that he got sued by the artist by sampling without permission.. That's just terrible.. Do most artist sample with out permission right now?

  • ringmancz
  • Shinj
    Shinj said 1 year ago:

    Great sample! No doubt Yeezus is the album of the year!!

  • Orr971
    Orr971 said 1 year ago:

    Spamming... In WhoSampled?? Oh no...

  • MasterJ24
    MasterJ24 said 1 year ago:

    @tempelman How does it sound.. cause I heard a "Red Mcfly" and it sounds really nice with the samples of this and the "Sweet Nothin's" by Brenda Lee

    Here's the link

  • tempelman
    tempelman said 1 year ago:

    I put some crappy drums over it myself cause of this dilemma, sry kanye

  • MasterJ24
    MasterJ24 said 1 year ago:

    @Nizzereo Yeah it is a good song but without a beat in this song it just sounds dull to me without a beat over the sample/s.

  • Nizzereo
    Nizzereo said 1 year ago:

    @MasterJ24 I agree. I was waiting for the beat to drop the entire song. Its still a good song though

  • MasterJ24
    MasterJ24 said 1 year ago:

    I just wish that they put a beat over this..

  • Orr971
    Orr971 said 1 year ago:

    This is sick.

  • Will McVittie
    Will McVittie said 1 year ago:

    actual sample is at 1.02