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Direct Sample of Vocals / Lyrics

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Kanye West's Good Life
Roc-A-Fella 2007
Michael Jackson's P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)
Epic 1982
Sample appears at 0:23 (and throughout)
Sample appears at 3:15


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Contributed by M1989 (460 submissions)

  • MasterJ24
    MasterJ24 said 1 year ago:

    @Daniel Neves Great samples... I really love how Kanye produced this song!!

  • Daniel Neves
    Daniel Neves said 1 year ago:

    Kanye himself told he had sampled P.Y.T. on this song but actually I've neved noticed it before '-'

  • jbcedeno95
    jbcedeno95 said 2 years ago:

    one of my favorites of all time

  • RJeezy
    RJeezy said 3 years ago:

    How did I NEVER notice this?! :O

  • dmystrohd
    dmystrohd said 4 years ago:

    The Good Life sample doens't go to PYT Sample, its from"Volume of the good life" a international mtv recording by D. Staggs III aka DMystro. Which has been proven in a Court of Law.

  • Spinks
    Spinks said 5 years ago:

    Cool, yeah, it's likely that this is direct so I've changed it and also the part sampled to vocals, as it sounds like it's just high-pitched vocals (plus Kanye interpolated it as a synth riff but the actual sample is of the vocals).

  • M1989
    M1989 said 5 years ago:

    I submitted it as a direct sample but the moderator changed it to interpolated

  • stationary unit
    stationary unit said 5 years ago:

    Is this direct or interpolated? It sounds direct to me.

  • Samples Chile
    Samples Chile said 5 years ago:

    the best song ( Kanye West feat. T-Pain ) ( Good Life ) with sample ( Michael Jackson ) the song ( P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)

    the best version

  • D3freeze
    D3freeze said 5 years ago:

    HAHA! the other day , i told my dad and girl in the car ride that it sounds like Kanye Sampled Mj for this song.....and look you found it first! haha But Good Looking man, Im glad you found it and posted..

  • KingRizlaa
    KingRizlaa said 5 years ago:

    yeah, i copied the r.i.p mj


    that's big tho! i like.

  • M1989
    M1989 said 5 years ago:

    no. It ends with html. You may have included the R.I.P. i added at the end.


  • Spinks
    Spinks said 5 years ago:

    Works for me, here it is again: http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1614853/20090626/jackson_michael.jhtml

  • KingRizlaa
    KingRizlaa said 5 years ago:

    ?? the link is broken or something.

  • M1989
    M1989 said 5 years ago:

    I'm happy that this sample i submitted gets mentioned on MTV's news page and the fact that they directly refer to WhoSampled makes my contribution feel even bigger.


    R.I.P. MJ