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Direct Sample of Multiple Elements

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's I Used to Love H.E.R.
Relativity 1994
's The Changing World
Bad Benson
CTI 1974
Sample appears at 0:00 (and throughout)
Sample appears at 0:01, 4:26


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Contributed by Peetz (186 submissions)

  • Aaron Schoefield
    Aaron Schoefield said 6 days ago:

    Classic and let that show the youngins you MUST listen to the entire song..........:

    SOUTHEASTL.A. said 1 year ago:

    God Bless Real Hip Hop !
    F*** 2013 Radio Wack S***.

  • اظحر
    اظحر said 2 years ago:

    Oh s***, I just started recently keeping an ear out for the drums used here cos I think they're same as Dilla used for 'Stakes is High'. but am not 100% about that 'If' song, u sure?

  • likeiwannabedown
  • Da-real-Hip-Hop
    Da-real-Hip-Hop said 3 years ago:

    thx man didnt know that thanks a lot !

  • Peetz
    Peetz said 3 years ago:

    The main sample is from The Changing World. Listen carefully at 4:26-4:31, the main loop is right there. A stroke of genius by No I.D. to say the least. Now that you brought it up, though, I guess the submission should be changed so that it becomes more clear that this is the main sample. It should say "Sample appears at: 0:01 and 4:26".

  • Da-real-Hip-Hop
    Da-real-Hip-Hop said 3 years ago:

    damn and again nobody knows the main sample

  • ButteredupSoul
    ButteredupSoul said 5 years ago:

    OMG, this had to have been the illest common track i['ve ever heard!!HTW did I.D. make that s*** so dope?!!

  • jaythreephotography
    jaythreephotography said 5 years ago:

    An ingenious metaphor

  • DeShun Sain-White
    DeShun Sain-White said 5 years ago:

    Great Sample + Lyrics of Common= A Cold Ass Song!!!!!!!!!