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Daft Punk's Contact
Random Access Memories
Columbia 2013
The Sherbs's We Ride Tonight
Defying Gravity
ATCO 1982
Sample appears at 0:00
Sample appears at 0:00


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Producers: Richard Lush, The Sherbs

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Main genre: Rock / Pop

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  • Ricardo Brandão
    Ricardo Brandão said 10 months ago:

    Before DJFalcon has made the live set, someone wrote the music. I suspect it was Wim Mertens... Check his "Couloured by Turning" song from his "At Home - Not at Home" album (1981).

  • Izeytope96
    Izeytope96 said 1 year ago:

    Oddly enough, this is the only track on the album I like and it just so happens to be the only one with a sample.

  • Steven Tyson
    Steven Tyson said 1 year ago:

    Haha way off from what it sounds like. The new contact is way better!

  • Alex Ac
    Alex Ac said 1 year ago:

    this is correct actually :P this song (contact) was made and performed over 7 years ago by THOMAS/DJFalcon during a live set :D it does sample this song :)

  • davetherave3009
    davetherave3009 said 1 year ago:

    You can get a feel for what it'll be like if you listen to the Paradiso Together and Cassius mix.

  • m.aimran91
    m.aimran91 said 1 year ago:

    Oh, come on! Daft Punk's new album hasn't been released yet and someone already submitted this?

  • KKK-Russia
    KKK-Russia said 1 year ago:

    Да !!!!
    Первый Сэмпл с нового Альбома!!
    Cool !!

  • Totodile
    Totodile said 1 year ago:

    Might've voted on it himself, but the WhoSampled facebook page shared it, so it might've gotten the vote from someone on there.

  • antoine.becuwe
    antoine.becuwe said 1 year ago:

    Can't understand how there's already vote on this ? Lol.