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Vanilla Ice's Ice Ice Baby
Ultra 1990
Queen's Under Pressure
Hot Space
EMI 1981
Sample appears at 0:08 (and throughout)
Sample appears at 0:00


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Producers: Queen, David Bowie

Tags: Duet, Single, UK #1 Hit

Main genre: Rock / Pop

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Contributed by Shinj (152 submissions)

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  • Pistol Pete '77
    Pistol Pete '77 said 1 month ago:

    Love it or hate it, you know every word. And so do your kids. Plus, you have to admit that the sample is used very well here.

  • SerialMixer
    SerialMixer said 1 year ago:

    A lot of people hate how this song was sampled, but to be honest I've heard samples used in a lot worse and less creatively, people give this song too much flack

  • MrBlondNYC
    MrBlondNYC said 3 years ago:

    Everything is up to the song's owners. If they want credit, they get it. If not they don't. Usually, they want credit because they want people to know that's MY song. But most importantly, they want the money.

  • Bosco
    Bosco said 3 years ago:

    If they don't have to give credit, why would they choose to? Only some records get their credit in the liner notes of the album, what is it about those songs that force artists to give credit to the artist, publishers, songwriters and label?

  • MrBlondNYC
    MrBlondNYC said 3 years ago:

    Song owners, I should say. In many cases, the songwriters get nothing.

  • MrBlondNYC
    MrBlondNYC said 3 years ago:

    It's not about credit, it's about payment. The original artists don't have to be credited as long as the songwriters get their requested fee. In some cases, the original artists or songwriters don't want credit because they don't want their names associated with the song.

  • Drpepperfan
    Drpepperfan said 3 years ago:

    Nowadays they pretty much have to credit it all the time now, unless they want to get the s*** sued out of them.

    Sure there are a ton of old 80's/early 90's songs that don't credit there samples at all, but that was a different time, when record companies didn't pay much attention. After stuff like the De La Soul / Turtles and Biz Markie / Alone Again cases, the companies started cracking down on the use of unlicensed samples a lot more, when they realised how much money they could get.

    This particular case was notable mostly due to the fact that it was such a hit record, along with it's..... well, not very subtle sampling (sampling one of the most famous songs of the 80s and not crediting it? What could possibly go wrong?). That, and the whole arguing it WASN'T a sample thing. That was pretty hilarious.

  • Bosco
    Bosco said 3 years ago:

    I still don't understand why he got sued for the whole “credit & royalty” thing. Is this the only song that doesn't credit it's sample? And were DJ's and producers really paying royalty for every record they sampled, now or then?

  • m.aimran91
    m.aimran91 said 4 years ago:


  • Samples Chile
    Samples Chile said 4 years ago:

    the best song vanilla ice

  • MrBlondNYC
    MrBlondNYC said 5 years ago:

    "That little bitty 'ting'. It's not the same."

  • D3freeze
    D3freeze said 5 years ago:

    actually, he did not sample this.... If you listen closely, it goes... Dun dunn dunnna *Ding*.... that little ding changes everything.

    "Theirs goes, 'Ding ding ding dingy ding-ding.' Ours goes, 'Ding ding ding ding dingy ding-ding.'"
    -- Vanilla Ice, 1990

    haha LOL