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Direct Sample of Multiple Elements

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's The 900 Number
Master of the Game
Tuff City 1988
's Unwind Yourself
It's My Thing
King 1967
Sample appears at 0:01 (and throughout)
Sample appears at 0:10


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  • DannyBoi
    DannyBoi said 10 months ago:

    Haha now this is a break that i need to loop.

  • KElyas
    KElyas said 2 years ago:

    it may not very creative but they did really take the loop to another level imo. It's so great 45 King doesn't need to do anything more to it. There are loads of classic hip hop songs with just some drums added, if that, so don't get surprised from this.

  • bayantheone
    bayantheone said 3 years ago:

    youngstas? man, give me a break

    hip hop has always (well, by spells rather) been about creativity and originality, i'm old enough to at least know that

    now point at one or the other in this track, tell me what is that so special about how The 45 King treated this loop

    maybe it has some sentimental value for you personally, but that has nothing to do with its actual creative value per se

  • Bigg Hogg Pesci
    Bigg Hogg Pesci said 3 years ago:

    Can't believe the comments... snot eatin', wet behind the ears, disrespectful azz youngstas... y'all don't deserve this dopeness. Stick to y'all 0 Wonders and Pizz Beatz and leave the Real School ish 4 the real heads.

  • Beautiful Screaming Lady
    Beautiful Screaming Lady said 3 years ago:

    Ha ha, wow, yeah, this is lame! It doesn't even loop properly. Some people are very easily pleased.

  • Bosco
    Bosco said 3 years ago:

    I kinda agree with bayantheone down there. What kind of creative sampling is this? If I didn't know better, I'd say this was a P. Diddy production

  • bayantheone
    bayantheone said 4 years ago:

    don't get it, 2 minutes of slowed down break on loop, what's the point, where's the creativity?

  • shockaz182
    shockaz182 said 4 years ago:

    I Love this.

  • goongumpa
    goongumpa said 5 years ago:

    Love this shit. Classic.