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Direct Sample of Drums

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Dr. Dre's Let Me Ride
The Chronic
Death Row 1992
James Brown's Funky Drummer
King 1970
Sample appears at 1:03 (and throughout)
Sample appears at 5:36


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Producer: Dr. Dre

Tags: G-Funk, Grammy Award Winner

Main genre: Hip-Hop / R&B

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Contributed by MrBlondNYC (6914 submissions)

  • bayantheone
    bayantheone said 3 years ago:

    that's it, thanks for clarification

    as for Wikipedia, though technically anybody can input just anything there, i'd like to believe that the info is taken from authentic sources, like liner notes of the CD in this case, especially for such a huge record as The Chronic

  • MrBlondNYC
    MrBlondNYC said 3 years ago:

    I changed the timing. Listen closely.

  • likeiwannabedown
    likeiwannabedown said 3 years ago:

    panning drums on chorus

    as for wikipedia it's like this site - virtualy everyone can form it's content, so don't believe everything you see
    and I doubt anyone in the sample know is editing wiki therefore it's more like second hand stories
    you may wanna check the-breaks forum

  • اظحر
    اظحر said 3 years ago:

    I dunno why it say's 0:08, 'Funky Drummer' can be heard at 1:10, listen reasonably closely n it's there, I've reported it to be changed

  • bayantheone
    bayantheone said 3 years ago:


    Wikipedia does list Bill Wither's 'Kissing My Love', but 'Funky Drummer' I still don't hear

  • bayantheone
    bayantheone said 3 years ago:

    Wikipedia lists 'Funky Drummer' amongst the sample sources, but it doesn't list Bill Wither's 'Kissing My Love' although it's obviously the source of the drum break

    And I do not hear elements of 'Funky Drummer' in the drums part either

    so what gives?