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Direct Sample of Vocals / Lyrics

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Kanye West's Gold Digger
Late Registration
Roc-A-Fella 2005
Thunder and Lightning's Bumpin' Bus Stop
Bumpin Bus Stop
Private Stock 1974
Sample appears at 0:32 (and throughout)
Sample appears at 0:12


  • Izeytope96
    Izeytope96 said 1 year ago:

    Would it be fitting to add a "Sample Clearence Issue" tag on this sample now?

  • Professor K
    Professor K said 1 year ago:

    lot of interest subject lately on my video of bumpin bus stop on youtube (the one in this submission). its been up almost a year and since this kinda lawsuit its discussion has gone up to almost a 5,0000 views already. odd how people seem to think kayne only took from it.

  • sticky note
    sticky note said 1 year ago:

    They probably saw Kanye on TV and smelled the money

  • BroughtTheNoise
    BroughtTheNoise said 1 year ago:

    So...why wait almost eight years to sue?