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Direct Sample of Multiple Elements

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Geto Boys's Gangster of Love
Grip It! On That Other Level
Rap-A-Lot 1989
Steve Miller Band's The Joker
The Joker
Capitol 1973
Sample appears at 0:13 (and throughout)
Sample appears at 0:10


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Producer: Prince Johnny C

Main genre: Hip-Hop / R&B

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Producer: Steve Miller

Tags: Single, UK #1 Hit, US #1 Hit

Main genre: Rock / Pop

  • CuriousEd
    CuriousEd said 3 years ago:

    Yo DJ Kirsh! I hear and concur with you man, this is very interesting! As you know, in this case, as with many other samples on this database, not every such sampling "surfaces" in its time. Public record states when "The Joker" initially became a hit, the sampling was a surprise "discovery" to the "Lovey Dovey" writers. Hmm. Strange nature of the bizz. Er .. beast! Check some of the old jackets. "The Joker" and "Come and Get Your Love" were only a few weeks apart in affiliate studios recorded in around September Fall of 1973. Exact dates, case references etc. are PR. Thanks!

  • DJ Kirsh
    DJ Kirsh said 3 years ago:

    Very interesting, CuriousEd. For similarities in songs like this, a reference or some type of source is usually needed to confirm otherwise we run the risk of filling the database with songs that sound similar but possibly sound similar as a coincidence. If you can find some sort of reference saying that "Come and Get Your Love" came from Red Bone adapting "Lovey Dovey", then you should def submit these.

  • CuriousEd
    CuriousEd said 3 years ago:

    CHECK THIS OUT! Its the BUNNY SIGLER's (You're So Fine) version of "LOVEY DOVEY" around the 40 second mark. "YOU'RE SO FINE and YOU'RE MINE" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nRKd4MEtK9g As compared to Redbone's "COME AND GET YOUR LOVE" "Fine and You're Mine and You Look So Divine"

    Give a listen to Clyde McPhatter's version of Lovey Dovey from the 0:57-1:07 mark and notice the comparison to the intro guitar and then bass/ lyrical line for entire song "Come and Get Your Love".

    You can find a "Come and Get Your Love" at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-7eloXr2iak

    Keep in mind that the Clovers, Clyde McPhatter and Bunny Sigler renditions of Lovey Dovey were recorded in the 50's and Bunny Sigler's version in 1967. See http://www.45cat.com/record/6000

    The Clyde McPhatter version of LOVEY DOVEY can be found at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E50Nz3YWrm4

    The lyrics to Come and Get Your Love compared to Lovey Dovey sound like "question and response" in reverse. "What's the matter with you?" "I'm high as the ceiling" etc.

    "I really want your peaches, want to shake your tree!" "If you want some, get some, get it from the main vine!"

    Listen to Lovey Dovey, “I’m HIGH as the CEILing when you are with me and the KISS that I’m STEALing, has got me reeling, cause I’m SAYing that I LOVE you, no one above you … Sound familiar to any intro guitar and bass line structures you've heard before? "FINE and you're MINE and you LOOK so diVINE .. Same musical line?

    THE JOKER was number one in the last months of 1973 till COME AND GET YOUR LOVE early the next year 1974 and had common EMI "studio connections".