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Les Baxter's Unchained Melody
78 Rpm
Capitol 1955
Al Hibbler's Unchained Melody
Daybreak / Unchained Melody
Decca 1955

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Main genre: Easy Listening

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Contributed by MrBlondNYC (6914 submissions)

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  • MrBlondNYC
    MrBlondNYC said 4 years ago:

    Yes, according to my research they were actually released on the same day. But since the original version was with lyrics from the film Unchained as we discussed before and Baxter's version is basically an instrumental with only "Unchain me" as lyrics, I decided to list it this way. For example, for The Righteous Brothers version to be considered a cover of Les Baxter's, you would have to believe that they came up with their own lyrics and they just happened to be exactly the same as Hibbler's version.

  • walter
    walter said 4 years ago:

    I agree Al Hibbler's version set the standard for all covers to come, that is of course until the Righteous Brothers came along. Big thanks for including it here. Baxter's however is not a cover, as recorded three weeks prior to Hibbler's. Sorry for being a pain in the...:-)