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  • Chris Read
    Chris Read said 5 months ago:

    @FletchNZ - If you want help identifying a connection not currently listed on the site, you might like to try asking members of the WhoSampled community in our forum (link at the foot of the page).

  • FletchNZ
    FletchNZ said 5 months ago:

    I grew up in the 1980s and I am almost certain that I have heard the bridge of the song, "Smile Like You Mean It" in a song from that period. The part that goes, "And someone is calling my name / From the back of the restaurant" etc. I'm sure it had a similar effect used on the voice of the singer as well.If the part is not exactly the same, it is very similar. It is really bugging me that I can't work out where I have heard it from.

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