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  • Mauri-zio Gennari
    Mauri-zio Gennari said 2 months ago:

    Hi, i'm looking for this track, but i don't know the title. I suppose that there is a sample of a Sylvester's song. Can anybody help me to discover it? Thanks


  • boytx35
    boytx35 said 5 years ago:

    Great artist of the time! I think he was overlooked at times because of his sense of style and gender bender status. Other songs that I know of that sampled him are: Do You Wanna Funk? was sampled in Utah Saints' Believe in Me (1993) and in Real 2 Real's "Move It" (1994). Not quite sure which song is sampled in "Move It", but I know that it is his signature "aaah" Listen for yourself. RIP!

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