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  • jjkeops
    jjkeops said 4 years ago:

    You need to hear SubMachena too. SubMachena features Rawle Bruce and Robin Taylor-Firth. Robin is also the keyboard player/programmer/songwriter with Nightmares on Wax. He also helmed Olive, whose 'You're Not Alone' topped the UK charts on release, and which has recently been a hit for Mads Langer and Tinchy Stryder. The song also won an Ivor Novello award for songwriting. As a producer, Taylor-Firth has worked with acts as various as Shirley Bassey, Ian Brown and Jack Johnson.

    Yeah, yeah. All that. Do you want to see some references from previous employers too?
    SubMachena make big dirty dubs, with massive basslines and evil beats. This isn't dubstep, it's deeper than that. Light up a fat one and go stomp. Now that Concorde's out of action, there's no quicker way to get to the Caribbean.

    Two SubMachena songs will feature on George Solar's upcoming Comfy Dub II compilation in 2011. You can also hear SubMachena's remix of Gelka's 'So Many Ways' if you know where to find one. BlancoMusic.com have masses of SubMachena material, which will be released at some later date (or, in other words, when we feel it's worth our while). If you're pretty smart and know your way around the interwebz, you might have heard some of it. If you're well-connected and know your dubs, you'll have been sent some. If you're a vinyl collector, you've probably got the SubMachena remixes of BudNubac tunes that were out in 2006. If you're not that big into music, you won't have ever heard of SubMachena, but don't worry, there are torrents full of Justin Bieber material with your name all over them. Peace.

  • DJ Anubis
    DJ Anubis said 4 years ago:

    If anyone has the remix of Ennio Morricone's Chi Mai that these guys did, please add it or let me know :) There's a remix on YT, but I don't think that's the right one

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