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    What an Out-of-this-World Artist! This Vocal Goddess was soooo ahead of her time that she must have dropped in to bless this world from another Realm, another far-advanced Reality- all to overfill my heart with joy and my eyes with tears. The fact that she left us so soon only resonates with me by figuring that her Spirit was so vast and beautiful that it could not be contained in one body! I'd listen to her music and swear that it was a bird or another instrument traveling so high up the sound scale, all to learn that it was neither...it was her voice. How is it that only a few of her songs hit the main-stream? How is it that fewer-than-I-think-should-be are privy? How is it that my mother, the Oldie-but-Goodie Queen, only blasted 'Memory Lane'? I had to learn more...find more!Greatest Hits compilations only satisfied my increasing appetite for her Voice temporarily...there had to be more. I ravaged vinyl shops. Yes! I've found all but one...I think! I am eternally grateful for Minnie Riperton! Namaste Queen, Namaste!

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