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  • Izeytope96
    Izeytope96 said 3 weeks ago:


    Ummm that literally made no sense. Are you 5 years old?

  • gabstract
    gabstract said 2 months ago:

    I'm sooooo cool now,I know every sample ever sampled by my all time favorite sampling producer, Now, I'm gonna try to be like this guy because whosampled made it so easy for me to know every sample used by my favorite sample based producer...wow.....thanks guys...do you have any links to all his sampled based lp's...I would really like to have more samples to discuss with all of you....because I just can't get enough of this sampling stuff...Isn't that right Izeytope96?

    Shout out to MADLIB da Bad Kid....we got our eyes on these quack f..ks!!!

  • Hessel
    Hessel said 3 months ago:

    Madlib is the best producer alive. You could bring in that he literally uses samples and I often dislike producers for doing that. But it's that feel man, I don't even care about how the beats are composed and made you can't recreate the feel Madlib gives to his music, with all respect not even Dilla.

  • beattle908
    beattle908 said 9 months ago:

    madlib is literally the most versatile and unique producer thats ever done it (asides from dilla dawg of course) and has been a top producer in my books for years

    the only gripe I have is that after going through A LOT of these samples hes used for his beats within his career, most of his tracks are solely just exact copies of the original sample with an additonal sound (kick, bass, etc.) + some sound effects layered on top of that. I was always under the impression he has put a lot more work into his beats. Granted, still an amazing producer and an even better crate digger

  • Izeytope96
    Izeytope96 said 9 months ago:

    @gabstract: If you don't like the site then don't visit it. Simple as that. Its not our fault artists and record labels fail to clear samples properly 70% of the time. If you have a problem with what you call "snitching" then tell labels like Stones throw and Mellow Music Group to clear their samples.

  • gabstract
    gabstract said 9 months ago:

    Your site is truly LAME................!!!!
    A lot of snitching going down around these parts!!!
    I'll leave it at that!!!!

  • Elis Hpnotic Stevens
    Elis Hpnotic Stevens said 10 months ago:

    idk... i feel like he takes the entire songs.. i use to think he added alot to the samples.. comming to find out. he took the entire song.. :(

  • MiztaHall
    MiztaHall said 1 year ago:

    the most versatile and universal

  • Dorius
    Dorius said 1 year ago:

    True that;-)

  • Drpepperfan
    Drpepperfan said 1 year ago:

    The king.

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