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Lords of Acid

Lords of Acid

Group Members: Nikkie Van Lierop, Maurice Engelen, DJ Mea, Murv Douglas, Kirk Salvador

Past Members: Deborah Ostrega, Oliver Adams, Erhan Kurkun, Frank Vloeberghs, Hans Bruyninckx, Kurt McGuinness, Lacey Conner, Ruth McArdle, Sin Quirin, Tejo De Roeck, Wim Daans

  • Chinny Reckon
    Chinny Reckon said 9 months ago:

    If anything, it sounds like it samples the original version of 'Fire' (the single version, not the version on 'Experience') at around the 3:23 mark on Marijuana in your brain.

  • Merlin Erdogmus
    Merlin Erdogmus said 9 months ago:

    I am pretty sure, that "Marijuana In Your Brain" contains a sample from Prodigy's "Experience". But I can't find anything. Please help if you know something about it.

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