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  • DâM-CresT
    DâM-CresT said 1 year ago:

    Top 5 G-Funk Albums AFAIK:

    1: All Eyez On Me
    2: All Day Everyday
    3: Doggystyle
    4: Real Brothas
    5: Be Yo' Self (Big Syke)

    but on that album esp. "Had to be a Hustler" knocks

  • DâM-CresT
    DâM-CresT said 1 year ago:

    And I've got a new hot sample from him and can't submit it because of that stupid rule with 85%.

    Can u feel my pain?

  • Bigg Hogg Pesci
    Bigg Hogg Pesci said 4 years ago:

    Who the hell said dead man can't rap?!

    The Dead Has Arisen is one of the best G-Funk albums I've heard, and it should be mentioned whenever there's a discussion about top 5 G-Funk albums.

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