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  • Gearhead409
    Gearhead409 said 4 months ago:

    Is the ending of "Stress" similar enough to be an interpolation of Franz Schubert's "Serenade"?

  • Gearhead409
    Gearhead409 said 7 months ago:

    Giz, that was already identified as "Ice in the Sun" by Status Quo.

    And I'm not even sure how accurate that really is.

  • Giz
    Giz said 1 year ago:

    What's wrong with the Rage Against The Machine's Killing In The Name sample ? I submitted it but it was rejected. I'm sure The beginning of Civilization is the beginning of Killing In The Name with some effects/timestretch

  • Alex Ac
    Alex Ac said 2 years ago:

    Justice - Helix Vocals Samples Billy Ocean - Lover Boy , Justice - on N On Interpolates Led Zepplin's Kashmir

  • Alex Ac
    Alex Ac said 2 years ago:

    @ NZMKR , in Helix Justice sampled a song by Billy Ocean , Helix & POSSIBLY ac/dc , check out in FORUMS for the AUDIO VIDEO DISCO album debunking forum , u might find a sample for the album , cheers

    NZMKR said 2 years ago:

    Has anyone submitted the helix sample?

    Another thing, does anyone recognize the vocal sample at 2.17 in Genesis, I bet it's something by Queen, as they talked about using a queen sample in an interview.

  • ikekokiri
    ikekokiri said 2 years ago:

    Justice "Helix" <<>> AC/DC "For Those About To Rock (We Salute You)", :)

  • Alex Ac
    Alex Ac said 3 years ago:

    wow , they really love Britney Spears

  • sKaL
    sKaL said 4 years ago:

    Justice sampled the "uuh" at 1:18 , listen carefully ...

  • shaga
    shaga said 4 years ago:

    Waters of Nazareth (2005) samples Booka's Mutoto (2005)
    I don't hear that, explain it.

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