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  • Russ Nevins
    Russ Nevins said 1 year ago:

    Didn't he do a cover of "Come Saturday Morning," the Sandpipers' hit? I have it on an album I recorded on a reel-to-reel tape produced in the mid '70s. Other things in this album include "Baby Elephant Walk," "The Pink Panther," "Mr. Lucky theme" and "Dreamsville," among other things. I'm trying to identify the album for my iPod because there's one snappy sort of Latin song (not "Lightly Latin") that I haven't been able to name.

  • Jcastro3991@gmail.com
    Jcastro3991@gmail.com said 2 years ago:

    Hey guys....new here, but I just saw on Twitter this awesome script of an intro from Henry Mancini on Elton John from @HenryMancini. Anyone know where to get a clip of this show on YouTube or somewhere?

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