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  • Professor K
    Professor K said 3 months ago:

    i found a new sample from the new record.. dunno how i'm gonna submit it (sample at 2:43) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8NPp7_bDBHc

  • Izeytope96
    Izeytope96 said 3 months ago:

    Holy s*** man. That totally does sound just like it. Try contacting the mods and showing them that video. Great find btw, that's a genius sample.

  • Lee Ill Ell
    Lee Ill Ell said 3 months ago:

    @Izeytope96 ok i recorded a video myself of the sample raw in the game. i've played with it and gotten it to sound pretty close or maybe i'm just crazy but it's such a weird unique bit of compressed audio i can't imagine it coming from somewhere else https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iZgMWr0dfKE

  • Izeytope96
    Izeytope96 said 4 months ago:

    @Lee Ill Ell would you mind maybe giving me a link to the sound effect?? I might be able to put together a 1:1 comparison for the mods.

  • Lee Ill Ell
    Lee Ill Ell said 4 months ago:

    i'm 100% sure the throwing sound effect from Gunstar Heroes on the sega genesis is sampled at the end of Birds. it's altered just slightly in its length and it's an extremely clever sample because sonically it matches Ride saying 'higher'. great job to whoever pulled that one out. i submitted it and it was denied but if someone can get a more 1:1 comparison like from the sound test menu maybe that'd be more acceptable?

  • Izeytope96
    Izeytope96 said 4 months ago:

    According to the admins...... Flatlander himself contacted them and told them the sample was incorrect.

  • TheGearGabber
    TheGearGabber said 5 months ago:

    What happened to the Two Heavens sample?

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