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  • Elbios
    Elbios said 1 month ago:

    One Day In My Garden contains a sample (throughout) of Stan Getz & João Gilberto - Doralice (around 0:23). I tried to submit it but it was declined for some reason.

  • Dr.J@KkHaMm3r
    Dr.J@KkHaMm3r said 3 months ago:

    It actually was listed here but due to e-mail from his label admins had to remove it (and some others). But you still can find it on archive.org

  • Kynshasa ButterxHashbrown Ward

    P_Hangman: agreed. I've been curious about "Natureland" for a while (and was a little surprised that it's not listed on here). Such a beautiful song...I'm curious about the songs that he manipulated to create it.

  • P_Hangman
    P_Hangman said 5 months ago:

    ...we need to do dig into this guy a little more. i don't how tracks like Natureland or Nova, completely based around distinctive samples, cannot be identified... i mean the sources. Bossa Nova, cool jazz, i don't know.

  • Thelma Marín Jónsdóttir
    Thelma Marín Jónsdóttir said 9 months ago:

    Hey there! Does anybody know what song he's sampling in the beginning of the song Always?

  • DeadEndDaCapo
    DeadEndDaCapo said 1 year ago:

    Like Regular Chickens samples the movie Eraserhead.
    Sample starts at 0:26.
    Like Regular Chickens-
    Sample starts at 2:46.

  • fischer.robb
    fischer.robb said 2 years ago:


    And this track has the same main sample as Cosmo Retro Intro Outro.

  • fischer.robb
    fischer.robb said 2 years ago:


    The break that drops at 0:37 is the same one he used in "Sordid." Can't find where the original is from though.

    Agreed on the "Battery" samples. Doubt we'll ever find them, but it sounds like he layered some strings with Hindi vocals from some Bollywood soundtrack and filtered them together to make that whining ghost cry... or whatever you wanna call it. ;)

  • palnudb
    palnudb said 3 years ago:

    What are the samples on the Permutations track "Bridge"?

    Buddy Rich, Krupa????


  • anthole
    anthole said 3 years ago:

    damn that was fast :O

  • DJ Anubis
    DJ Anubis said 3 years ago:

    Yup, done

  • anthole
    anthole said 3 years ago:

    Shouldn't Cujo be listed as an alias?

  • Newspeak
    Newspeak said 3 years ago:

    If any of you guys can find stuff in "Theme From Battery" from the Chaos Theory soundtrack, I'd be eternally indebted. This is a song that drove me to years during multiple listens. :)

  • fischer.robb
    fischer.robb said 3 years ago:

    I never realized how much the Splinter Cell soundtrack took cues from John Cage. I think I found a couple samples from Cage records today in fact, I'll check em in a bit.

  • fischer.robb
    fischer.robb said 4 years ago:

    To me the sample that comes late in "Toys" sounds very Snow White-ish. Couldn't pin a specific track or sound though.

  • thunder axe
    thunder axe said 4 years ago:

    re: nick cave = anvil, i think you're right... if the source can be trusted and he did in fact sample nick cave... because there's definitely a xylophone hit on the tobin track that isn't on the nick cave track.

  • MCReadle
    MCReadle said 4 years ago:

    EDIT: Ignore the post-script, already up

  • MCReadle
    MCReadle said 4 years ago:

    Have already had a look actually, but the only one I got pending in fact Red Right Hand that you mention, surely it's the first few seconds of Nick Cave dropped in at about 0:09 on The Anvil Track... we'll see cos it's waiting for approval. Most of the rest is difficult work - he hides his samples so effectively with other layers and heavy processing.

    Put in the stuff about Cujo on his page myself, any help would be appreciated, must admit that the I couldn't fathom were from Theme From The Exodus could have been used, though I found a version by Jorge Morel, which I though was a little warmer (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tvtAlXAAbK4) ... the Cujo stuff should be a little easier to be honest, much more transparent in his sampling on those days

    I looked for but couldn't find or be sure about Watermelon Man or the Corcovado [Quiet Nights] samples'

    PS. Oh and the only one I'd deduced myself - haven't investigated it yet but Four Tonne Mantis, surely, drops us in at the deep end with a snippet from the 'Alton Towers' song (sorry, don't know what it isactually called yet, will have a look around later)

  • thunder axe
    thunder axe said 4 years ago:

    does anybody else want to try and place some of these?:
    i've submitted all the ones i could find.
    i have no idea about the nick cave one for instance.

  • MCReadle
    MCReadle said 4 years ago:

    I know, I know - I'm surprised how little representation lots of Electronic musicians have to put up with :P, this is coming from a Hip-Hop fan. Will have to make a concerted effort with some, but it is difficult work so much of the time. Basically I'm not worthy...

    Either way massive love goes out to Amon Tobin, one of this era's greatest musicians, absolutely no doubt!

  • thunder axe
    thunder axe said 4 years ago:

    i don't think that's the issue so much as how "supermodified" the samples he uses are...

  • fischer.robb
    fischer.robb said 4 years ago:

    I agree man. I guess a lot of his samples are from much older classical music ranging back to the early 1900s, as well as obscure Brazilian jazz that would be extremely hard to find, or even stumble upon.

  • thunder axe
    thunder axe said 4 years ago:

    why aren't there people obsessing about deconstructing this stuff they way they do over dj shadow or j dilla?

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